Changes on getEdgeSource(vertex) are not reflected on the graph

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Changes on getEdgeSource(vertex) are not reflected on the graph

Tobias Strickfaden
Dear *,

I am having an unexplainable problem with the getEdgeSource(vertex) method, somehow the changes I make on the received nodes are not reflected on the graph, for getEdgeTarget(vertex) on the other hand, this works without problems. Do you have any idea why this happens?

        mGraph = (DirectedGraph<Node, DefaultEdge>) ((AbstractBaseGraph)graph).clone();
        // iterate over every node (i have also tested this with various iterators)
        for (Node node : mGraph.vertexSet()) {

                // iterate over ingoing edges. this loop should only run once since we check indegree == 1
                for (DefaultEdge edge : mGraph.incomingEdgesOf(node)) {
                    Node source = graph.getEdgeSource(edge);
                    source.size++; // this size is not increased later

I also tried using the EdgeReversedGraph, but there the problem exists too (for reversed getEdgeTarget/Source). Moreover I also tried changing the nodes after I iterated over the graph

Best Regards

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