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EPL2 and file header updates

John Sichi
Hey all,

For the next release, we are planning to make a few minor changes to our file headers:

* upgrade Eclipse Public License v1 (which has been deprecated) to EPL 2; this is a mostly cosmetic change which doesn't affect the nature of the license

* add explicit SPDX license identifiers

* remove all @since tags because the ad hoc way we've been using them isn't connected with our releases

For more information on EPL2, see:

We will not be making use of the "Secondary License" feature; instead, we will continue to use dual licensing LGPL + EPL.  Consequently, another round of permissions requests to copyright holders is not required since automatic upgrade provisions are built in to EPL1.

We will not be making any changes to the copyright lines or @author tags in files.

The proposed header looks as follows:

 * (C) Copyright 2003-2018, by Ben Bitdiddle and Contributors.
 * See the CONTRIBUTORS.md file distributed with this work for additional
 * information regarding copyright ownership.
 * This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the
 * terms of the Eclipse Public License 2.0 which is available at
 * http://www.eclipse.org/legal/epl-2.0, or the
 * GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 or later
 * which is available at
 * http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/lgpl-2.1-standalone.html.
 * SPDX-License-Identifier: EPL-2.0 OR LGPL-2.1-or-later

Please let me know if you have any questions about these changes.  For the moment, continue to use the old header format for new contributions; we'll let you know once the change to the new format has been applied.

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