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GSoC 2019 inventorying project ideas

Joris Kinable-2
Dear community members,

We are preparing our application package for the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2019! For those of you who don't know: GSoC is an international program organized and sponsored by Google to support open source projects. In GSoC, university students collaborate with open source organizations to work on full-time projects for a duration of 3 months. This is a highly competitive and prestigious program, for both students and the open source organizations.

Last year's GSoC was an overwhelming success. We received over 120 applications from students all over the world. Many of the applicants contributed valuable code and documentation improvements. Our 2 GSoC graduates both completed impressive projects, including enhanced support for trees as well as algorithms for weighted matchings which are on par with the state-of-the-art! On top of that, we got a brand new logo, new website, and a reworked wiki!

In preparation of this year's GSoC, we need your help. We are currently updating our Open tasks, projects and collaboration ideas page ( as well as our GSoC 2019 Project Ideas page (

We need your input:
-What algorithms/features/components would you like us to add to JGraphT?
-What features did you find in other (graph) libraries that are missing in JGraphT?
-What performance issues did you encounter while using JGraphT?
-Can you identify larger projects that would be suitable for GSoC? 
-What functionality would benefit your academic research or industry projects?
-Are there any subareas such as computational biology/social network analysis/economics/vehicle routing/... that are underrepresented?

Any kind of input is appreciated: both smaller tasks that would typically go on our 'Open tasks lists' as well as larger project descriptions/directions that could serve as GSoC projects. Clearly, as a dev-team we have finite resources. It is very important to us that we allocate these resources as effective as possible. Consequently, your input here is invaluable to determine which developments we should prioritize!

Joris Kinable

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