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Gomory Hu implementation

Mads Jensen

I'm trying to get an implementation of the Gomory-Hu minimum cut tree
running, as rejuvenated by Gusfield. I'm having trouble to get the code
to run. I tried to use the example from the Python Igraph (I've modified
the Python code to iteratively print values of the s-cut and t-cut, and
neighbors. The odd thing about my code is that in the very first S-T cut
computation, it should be 6, but it's yielding 4, but for the second
run, it's correct. I don't understand that first part with the cut.
Thank you.

It's my goal to open a pull request for the code, in a cleaned-up form;
I started writing the code with a TestCase, but as the test-case kept
failing, and no output is printed when running "mvn test".
Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards,
Mads Jensen

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