JDK 1.5 support under development in CVS

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JDK 1.5 support under development in CVS

John Sichi
Christian Hammer has submitted changes to the core JGraphT data
structures to take advantage of JDK 1.5 language features, in particular
generics.  This will become the basis for JGraphT 0.7.0.

If you check out the latest from CVS, you'll need to start using JDK 1.5
to compile.  Backwards compatibility support for running on JVM 1.4 is
planned via the RetroWeaver project.

If you'd like to help out with the next release, there are a number of
subpackages of org._3pq.jgrapht (e.g. generate, ext) which should be
updated with support for generics, as well as the entire testsrc
directory (the goal should be to build without any -Xlint:unchecked