JGraphT Version 0.9.0 Released

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JGraphT Version 0.9.0 Released

John Sichi
After almost two years since the 0.8.3 release, this is a major
release involving some big renovations to project structure:

* move from Sourceforge to github
* dual licensing (LGPL + EPL)
* use mvn instead of ant for build
* publish official release artifacts to Maven Central

There are also a number of new algorithms and bugfixes; you can see
the full change list here:


A huge shout-out goes to Andreas Schnaiter, Isaac Kleinman, Owen
Jacobson, Oliver Schrenk, and Oliver Kopp for their help with the
project modernization efforts.  It has been really gratifying to see
everyone pitch in to keep JGraphT in step with the times.

And as always, a hearty thanks to all who made suggestions and code
contributions for this release, big or small.


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