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John Sichi
The JGraphT development version (0.7.0alpha) in CVS requires JDK 1.5 to
build, but I've just checked in backport support to allow it to run on
JRE 1.4.  To use it, install Retroweaver (and JRE 1.4), then create a
file named customBuild.properties in the same directory as build.xml and
add these two lines:


Then run ant.  The "all" target will perform a normal build/test/jar
sequence, and then run the backport (overwriting the class files in
place with their retrowoven versions).  Then it will re-run all tests
against JRE 1.4 to make sure that no dependencies on JRE 1.5 have crept
in.  Finally, it will create an extra jar with the retrowoven classes as
part of the distribution.

If you have comments on this process, please let me know.