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JGraphT in a public Maven repository

John Sichi
Hey all,

I'm excited to report that at long last we're close to having the
latest JGraphT artifacts published in Maven Central.  You can help by
testing out what we've got already to make sure that our
build/publication process is correct.  (Note that the old 0.7.3 and
earlier artifacts in Maven Central were uploaded by random users, not
as part of any release process.)

As the first step, we've published a recent snapshot build to the
sonatype repository.  In your build, use this repository URL:


And then add this dependency:


Note that the version is still incorrect (0.8.3 was the last released
version, and the next released version will be 0.9.0).  It should be
0.9.0-SNAPSHOT.  We'll have this fixed soon.

Please report any problems you encounter as issues in github so that
we can make sure that they're addressed prior to release.  Once we
make the release, we'll publish the final artifacts to Maven Central.


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