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Barak Naveh
Dear JGraphT community,

I started JGraphT because I needed a graph library and no existing library
suited my needs.  I needed high performance graphs with low memory
consumption, and wanted the vertices to be of ANY type (annoyingly, many
libraries require the vertices to implement some Vertex interface).  

At some point I realized that others might find JGraphT useful, so I made
the project open-source.  People indeed used it, reported bugs, requested
features, and contributed code.  Some even joined in and the whole thing
became a lot more fun than I anticipated!  The quality of the library has
improved continuously thanks to the received contributions and criticism --
it was a very convincing example how open source development produces better

In the last year I became less and less available to admin JGraphT.  This
situation is unlikely to change in the near future, so we are making a role
change.  John V. Sichi, who has been a JGraphT developer and a co-admin for
a long time, is now taking the lead.  John is now the chief maintainer of
JGraphT, and although I'm staying involved, you should address project
issues to John.

JGraphT is going forward!  Version 0.6.0 was recently released and version
0.7.0 that will support Generics is now cooking...  The move to Java 5.0 is
thanks to the contribution of Christian Hammer.  If you can't wait for the
new candies, you might want to lend a hand and help making 0.7.0 ready
Thanks to everyone for making it so much fun, and special thanks to John V.
Sichi who volunteered to lead JGraphT onwards.

Barak Naveh