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Moving a subgraph?


I have a DAG that represents a rose tree (I've overridden the various
add() methods to enforce the invariant that a vertex may have at most
one incoming edge):

I would like to be able to move an arbitrary "branch" of the tree from
one graph to another (both rose trees, with the same invariants). That
is, I want to remove the branch from one graph and add it as a
successor of one of the nodes in another graph.

Is there a reliable and "atomic" way to do this in jgrapht? By atomic,
I mean that either the operation completely succeeds, or it's as if it
never took place and both of the graphs remain untouched.

I believe that I need to somehow get access to the subgraph of nodes
that are successors (direct or indirect) of the "root" vertex of the
branch that I want to move. Unfortunately, I'm a little overwhelmed by
the size of the API and am not sure which one (if any) of the existing
jgrapht classes I need to use to achieve this.

Any help would be appreciated!

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