Possible bug & question about GraphDelegator and 'DefaultUndirectedGraph'

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Possible bug & question about GraphDelegator and 'DefaultUndirectedGraph'

Brecht Rijmaekers
Hello all,

I found a possible bug in DefaultEdge (so also in
(Un)Directed(Weighted)Edge) and also in AbstractGraph.containsEdge()
(so also in DefaultDirectedGraph, ...). As I don't have much time to
explain it all, I included my stripped source code, which should be
enough to understand the (possible) bug. Please let me know if my
thoughts are correct.

Besides this, I have two questions:

- I think GraphDelegator should not implement the Graph-interface
(again), since AbstractGraph does already implement Graph, and
GraphDelegator is extending AbstractGraph. Why is GraphDelegator
anyway extending AbstractGraph, and not implementing the
Graph-interface? This doesn't seem logical to me.

- Is there an undirected opposite of the DefaultDirectedGraph?
(something like DefaultUndirectedGraph). I couldn't find it

Enjoy the last hours of 2004! :)


PS: please include my mail in the (mostly done by doing a 'reply
all'), so I also receive the mail directly, since I'm receiving a
daily digest of this mail.


Main.java (7K) Download Attachment