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John Sichi
In line with Barak's suggestions below, I made the following changes:

- Instead of, build.xml now reads
etc/ (if it exists).

- I created file etc/ with the documented (but
commented-out) property definitions in CVS.  In a distribution, this
becomes etc/  The reason I gave it a different name in
CVS is to avoid developers accidentally editing it and committing
site-specific changes.  Instead, developers should copy the template to
etc/ and edit that.  Distribution users can just edit
etc/ directly.

- I renamed the property from retro.jre.dir to jre1.4.dir

In addition, I also made a change to the jar naming convention.  The jar
name used to be based on the release version, but I have found this to
be a pain in dependent projects, because it means with every upgrade I
have to edit the dependent build file to reference the new version.
Instead, the jar names are now:

jgrapht-jdk1.4.jar (retrowoven version)
jgrapht-jdk1.5.jar (standard compile)

README.html explains when to use one or the other or both depending on
your compile/deploy dependencies.


Barak Naveh wrote:

> Come to think of it, maybe it would be useful to extend the idea and instead
> of having '', we can have ''.  Such a
> file might help with all kinds of custom of builds (release, cvstag,...),
> present and future.
> The could have the form of commented sections, one section
> for each alternative build (one for retro).  When someone wants to build a
> retro, he just uncomments the params in the retro section and fills in the
> paths according to the documented instruction within the ''
> itself.  In such a way, custom builds can be a no-brainer.  Of course, the
> file in its distributed form contains only comments, so that a casual "ant
> all" on the distribution doesn't do funny things...
> A little naming suggestion:
> Since the only JREs supported here are 1.4*, I think a variable name such as
> 'jre1_4.dir' or 'jre1.4.dir' will be more self-explanatory.
> Barak
>>-----Original Message-----
>>The JGraphT development version (0.7.0alpha) in CVS requires JDK 1.5 to
>>build, but I've just checked in backport support to allow it to run on
>>JRE 1.4.  To use it, install Retroweaver (and JRE 1.4), then create a
>>file named in the same directory as build.xml and
>>add these two lines:
>>Then run ant.  The "all" target will perform a normal build/test/jar
>>sequence, and then run the backport (overwriting the class files in
>>place with their retrowoven versions).  Then it will re-run all tests
>>against JRE 1.4 to make sure that no dependencies on JRE 1.5 have crept
>>in.  Finally, it will create an extra jar with the retrowoven classes as
>>part of the distribution.
>>If you have comments on this process, please let me know.
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