Topological order traversal

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Topological order traversal

Marden Neubert

I found JGraphT while looking for a nice graph component
framework which I could plug into the system I am developing.

I need to implement a topological sort to execute a sequence
of steps with inter-dependencies, forming a directed acyclic

I found JGraphT very useful for representing the graph and in
a few minutes I could adapt the Graph class to an unit test
of mine (using a dummy DAG and an even simpler adaptor).

But I could not found a topological order traversal in
JGraphT's distribution. Then I implemented one using the
excellent infrastructure in the "traverse" package.

There is still some serious unit testing to implement and
lots of scenarios to validate, but I felt like submitting the
code to JGraphT's community and get some feedback.

One of the troubles I had when implementing the tests is that
the topological sort of a DAG is not unique, so it is kind of
hard to automate the tests. Other thing I could not
understand clearly is how to defend the code agains cyclic

The code for the TopologicalOrderIterator is attached. If one
of the committers of the project finds it useful, I would be
glad to discuss some strategies to implement some unit tests
for it.

My congratulations to Barak and the others for the good work.

Best regards,
Marden Neubert.
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