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future generics support

Mark Nelson-2

I've been using JGraphT for a while, but recently switched over to the
pre-release Java 1.5, which has support for generics with type
parameters (like ArrayList<int>).  This makes things a bit nicer as far
as typing goes, since it enforces at compile time that a container you
use to hold one type of object actually does holds only that type of
object (rather than just any 'Object'), and so both avoids run-time
casting errors, and makes it no longer necessary to cast the objects you
get out of the container back from 'Object' to their real type.  Are
there any plans to add this sort of thing to JGraphT, e.g. allowing a
DirectedGraph<Node>?  I could look at adding it myself when I get some
free time, as it seems fairly straightforward to do, but I wanted to
make sure I'm not going to be duplicating something that's already started.

Oh, and thanks for providing a clean and easy-to-use graph library.  
It's incredibly useful---I have no idea why something like this isn't in
the standard Java libraries, really. =]