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jgrapht release 1.2 pre-announcement

Joris Kinable-2
We are in the process of finalizing the next release of JGraphT, version 1.2. The release is scheduled for the 2nd half of May. 
This release has a ton of performance improvements, new algorithmic implementations for matchings, chordal graphs, centrality metrics, a Guava Adapter, cycle support and many more. Moreover we phased out the old EdgeFactory (RIP, 2003-1018) and replaced it with brand-new Suppliers which were introduced in Java 8.

If you have any last-minute changes you would like to make available for the upcoming release: go ahead and submit them (pull request or create a new issue). Similarly, if you still have open PRs lingering around, please fix any comments by the reviewers.


Joris Kinable

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